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Elson Space España, based in Aragon, Spain was established in 2014 and facilitated the assembly and test flights of the Astigan HAPS.

It is in the process of establishing an Iberian Space and Strato Port in order to facilitate the assembly, high altitude environmental testing and flying of HAPS.

Elson Space España has significant on the ground knowledge of HAPS R&D, logistics, training, development and testing. Personnel also have a detailed knowledge and understanding of meteorology, especially with reference to the interaction between high-altitude weather, jet-streams and surface conditions.

In 2016 Elson Space España was the first company in Europe to be granted low level test flight permission and airspace in Spain.

MIRIAM ROYO NAVARRO, Director, Elson Space España

Miriam Royo Navarro runs Elson Space España in northern Spain and undertakes research on associated sub systems. She is a Telecommunications Engineer specialising in electronic systems. As an undergraduate Miriam studied signal processing and communications systems, design and analysis of electronic circuits, computer programming, electronic instrumentation and computer vision.

Her Master’s degree at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia was in Industrial Automation and Electronic Engineering, with a focus on optimal electronic systems, computer vision, electronic instrumentation and robotics. Internships included statistical analysis at the University, alongside electrical installation and automation projects.

In 2018 Miriam joined the Astrophysics Observatory of Javalambre (OAJ), working on the communications protocol to integrate the JPCam camera in a 2.5 m diameter telescope. JPCam is the second largest astronomical camera in the world, with more than 1,200 million pixels distributed in a mosaic of 14 scientific detectors that work in high vacuum conditions and at -110 degrees Celsius.

Miriam is certified to pilot RPAS and completed a course on UAV certification in Spain. She was a key engineering member of the Astigan HAPS design, build and flight test trials in the UK, Spain and the Simpson Desert, Australia.

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